Shroud Gaming Chair- Which Chair Does He Use?

Do you desire to be like Shroud? Well, who doesn’t? In the pursuit of following your most-loved streamer’s footsteps, you’d be fond of finding a gaming chair like Shroud. The only dilemma is you have no idea which gaming chair Shroud uses?

The popular gamer presently uses the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Previously he was using the Maxnomic 9 Pro by Need4Seat. Shroud’s earlier sponsorship was with that brand.

His latest chair is absolutely an upgrade as compared to before ones, but it’s a bit hefty on the pocket, is it actually worth it?

If you wish to know more about the Herman Miller Aeron gaming chair, you have come to the right spot. I’ve researched all useful information such as features, price and where you can buy it. But before that, let’s know who is Shroud actually?

Who is Shroud?


Shroud is a Canadian gamer who made his debut on the Cloud 9 CSGO team, and henceforward, every gamer has been his diehard fan. He is counted among the YouTube and Twitch top gamers, and if nothing, but he clearly spends much time in his gaming chair.

Shroud games for 10 hours per day and is famous for his unreal pinpoint aiming. But that is not the whole reason the gamer has been killing it lately. The mechanism he uses plays a significant role in his achievement – from all the way down to his gaming chair.

Let’s have a look at the Aeron by Herman Miller gaming chair and a few of its key- features and know what’s so impressive about it.

Aeron by Herman Miller Gaming Chair Review

Shroud Gaming Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair is the finest quality and most quintessential office chair we have ever seen. The Herman Miller gaming chair comes in a sleek and minimal design. It offers you the best experience in terms of comfort and posture. It is available in 17 different shades and looks good despite the surrounding decor.

The chair is robust, comfortable, and provides ergonomic support.

Though Shroud’s new Herman Miller chair is not as striking as his previous gaming chair but when you speak of comfort, the Aeron gaming chair provides much enhanced ergonomic support for a gaming enthusiast who plays as much as Shroud does.

Shroud’s Gaming chair – Key Features With Benefits

Now that you are familiar with Shroud and Let’s dive into some extraordinary ergonomics and comfort features that make the Herman Miller gaming chair perfect for a gaming champion like Shroud.

  • The Aeron by Herman Miller has been improved by practically every means. It has a flexible and supportive mesh that supports us well for the long hours of work we do today.
  • Breathable Pellicle Mesh to make sure cool and comfy gaming sessions.
  • With the PostureFit SL technology, the chair reinforces the spine while sustaining the natural forward tilt of the pelvis. Thus, reducing back strain and offering enough lumbar support for a great seated posture.
  • The soft arm pads make the armrests highly adjustable, comfortable, and supportive.
  • Numerous adjustment features for customized comfort.


The structure and overall strength of the Aeron gaming chair are rock solid.

The chair is constructed with an extremely durable seat made of high-quality materials like leather, metal. From molded aluminum parts, professional foam padding to the patented mesh backrest Everything about this chair is superior, making it last for a longer time.

Because of the breathable 8Z Pellicle Suspension, the chair lasts for years more than a standard typical mesh. It can accommodate heavy movements as it has more flexibility and elasticity. Herman Miller gaming chair can weigh nearly 300-350 lbs without any trouble.


Aeron has a sleek and minimal design. The Classic Aeron PostureFit Support is redesigned for better health and performance. The chair improves your posture and prevents slouching by turning the hips forward and providing support to the lower back.

It also features a tilt function with a limiter that you can lower, heighten, or angle outwards up to thirty degrees.

Using this chair will prevent backaches and joint stiffness.

What is the cost of Shroud’s Gaming Chair?

Now that we have learned all about the chair, there is just one thing left to consider – its price!

Before striking you with the exact figure, it is essential to know that Shroud is a proficient gamer who spends plenty of hours in this chair, which makes the cost of it appear a bit more reasonable.

Moreover, if you purchase this, you are good to go for over two decades. The Herman Miller chair also comes with a 12-year warranty. Isn’t that fantastic!

The chair has everything a professional gamer like Shroud needs, but not everyone can buy such a chair for gaming like him. Aeron is a luxurious brand and does not make low-priced chairs.

If you have the budget and can spend nearly $1000-1200 to ensure that you are buying the best gaming chair, Aeron by Herman Miller would be a noteworthy option.

Is Shroud’s chair worth the expensive price tag?

You would be probably asking yourself whether the high-price of this chair is really worth it! You are surely on the fence whether you really want to buy the gaming chair which Shroud uses.

At first glimpse, this price seems sky-high, but when it comes to the best ergonomics gaming chair, you certainly get what you pay for. Moreover, you will get that high credibility among your gaming mates, plus it would be cool to follow your favorite streamer.

Why should you go ahead and buy Shroud’s Chair?

Aeron by Herman Miller is a top-notch brand in the world of ergonomics, and the chair has been designed by a team of technologists to make sure that it provides advanced support and comfort.

Should you go forward and get this chair? I’d say yes, for the below-listed reasons-

  • Firstly, you would have a similar gaming chair as your favorite streamer has.
  • Possessing decades of excellence, Aeron by Herman Miller is one of the top-selling gaming chairs.
  • The chair can serve a dual purpose of a work chair if you are not as big a streamer as Shroud yet.
  • The excellent quality and high durability of the Aeron means that the chair has a long lifespan.
  • The chair is one of the outstanding chairs we have ever seen and is best-suited if you work for longer hours or games endlessly. It brings up itself as the king of all chairs.

Some Alternatives to Shroud’s Gaming Chairs in 2021

If, for some reason, you can’t invest in a gaming chair like the Herman Miller which Shroud uses, no need to worry. I did some research to help you with three affordable alternatives that are somewhat similar to Shroud’s chair and offer you an amazing gaming experience.

1. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

The first and foremost is the Steelcase Leap Fabric chair, which you can buy for under $900. This gaming chair looks more like the Herman Miller chair at first glance. Featuring LiveBack with an ergonomic design, the chair can change its shape to provide better support to your spine.

The chair has easy adjustments and a natural glide system to forward and recline the seats. You won’t have to miss a bit of your gaming session because your visual orientation never changes as you switch your seat to a relaxing position.


2. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Secondly, I would suggest the Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair. It is a cheaper alternative to Shroud’s chair and a great value for money under $400-$450. It is an all-in seat that could be something you’re searching for with a weighing capacity of up to 330 pounds.

The chair has rollerblade caster wheels that can roll everywhere without causing any noise or disturbance. A highly comfy plush seat cushion keeps you cool during intense gaming sessions.


3. Furniture Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Furniture Mesh Ergonomic Chair

If you genuinely want a chair as Shroud has within your budget, you can get your hands on the Furniture Mesh Ergonomic Chair. You can buy it for under $300-$350, making it quite pocket-friendly.

The chair has a curvy body and a trendy mid-back style —a tilt lever to make all adjustments ranging from upright to recline. You can also regulate tilt tension, tilt resistance, and chair rocking. Moreover, the waterfall seat edge style relaxes your back so that you feel good and cozy.


Final Verdict

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you would have definitely heard of Shroud. He is an exceptional and amusing Counter-Strike streamer looked upon by millions of other gamers.

It is quite obvious, we all look to our loved streamers, particularly if they are professionals in the gaming world and when we need to pick our own gaming gear.

Shroud uses the popular Aeron by Herman Miller chair for all his gaming activities, an expensive yet sophisticated seating choice.

If you seek comfort above all, then Aeron is the best buy. None of the gaming chairs can offer you that support with so many customization options. You can pick up the Herman Miller Aeron chair for yourself or choose a close alternative, just like your favorite gamer!

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