McGregor Lawn Mower Review

Are you looking for the best lawn mower? McGregor Lawn Mower is a good choice. But, before making any purchase decision, you should know about it. Here I’m sharing an unbiased McGregor Lawn Mower Review with you. So, read it before heading towards ordering one.

Having a beautiful, trimmed lawn is something that just about every homeowner aspires for!

Owning a lawnmower is perhaps the most essential way to have a healthy, lush, and green lawn. The grass is quick to turn into a wild jungle status and needs to be taken care of frequently.

Everyone notices a perfectly groomed turf, and that is something you can truly be proud of.  While choosing your new lawnmower, it’s a good idea to consider:

  • How much area is needed to be trimmed? A larger lawn will need more trimming time, so choosing a corded lawn mower works well.
  • Is it easy to store? If you have limited storage space, buying a vertical or collapsible lawn mower is a smarter choice.

Welcome to the McGregor Lawn Mower review, where we’ll delve into the features and benefits of this lawnmower to find out if it’s the right fit for your lawn.

Read on to learn about our thoughts and recommendations!

McGregor Lawn Mower Review

McGregor Lawn Mower

McGregor MER1232 32cm is an inexpensive lawnmower that performs well and has a 10m power cable to ensure unrestricted runtime. The integrated switch makes sure that the mower never starts by itself to harm anyone.

With a powerful 1200W motor and carbon steel blade powered by Torque Drive, the McGregor 32cm cuts effortlessly through all grasses without any compromise.

It is a compact Corded Rotary Lawnmower designed to get a professional finish on small to medium-sized lawns. It offers you five different cutting heights to suit your yard with single-handed height adjustment.

Do you wish to have a camera-worthy lawn?

It looks like McGregor lawnmower fulfilled the same, and therefore it makes the MER1232 with a rear roller that can produce some beautiful stripes on any of the lands.

Key Features

Some of the striking features of McGregor lawn mower are outlined below-

  • 1200-watt electric rotary motor lets you trim dense grasses with ease.
  • The steel blade of 32cm blade width is perfect for achieving crisp and neatly trimmed grass.
  • Grass box indicators to alert you when it is full and time to empty.
  • Foldable handles for easier storage.
  • Collapsible grass bags save more space in your garage.
  • Built-in rear roller for a professional striped effect.
  • Five cutting heights to suit your lawn with single level height adjustors.
  • A good 30L grass box capacity.
  • 10-meter power cable to ensure unlimited runtime.

Why should one purchase McGregor Corded Rotary Lawnmower?

Being a corded mower, it plugs in directly to a power outlet, thus offering unlimited runtime and consistency. To make it easier for you, let us run you through some other top aspects and benefits of this lawnmower before you plan to go ahead.

Cutting Quality

McGregor MER1232 comes with genuine spare mower cutter blades, and we have found that the spare parts of this machine are of good build quality. It means they will last much longer than a cheaper alternative. Thus, offering a far better lifespan of the part.

This lawnmower gives you five varied cutting heights settings to choose your desired grass length. You can personalize your lawn with cutting height range of 2cm-6cm as much as you like- many garden hobbyists love to create patterns in their grass.

The mower cuts really well over the higgledy-piggledy grounds. We recommend you to choose the right spare cutter blade lawnmower to guarantee a good, clean and crisp trim.


Speaking of the McGregor lawnmower durability, it has sturdy construction with a perfect combination of durable wheels. The proficiently designed carbon steel blades are among the top-quality materials to use for achieving perfectly crisp, neatly cut grass.

Carbon steel is a preferred manufacturing material compared to stainless steel and is frequently used for high-end knives. The reason is that carbon steel has good hardness; it is wear-resistant and remains sharper for longer, even if your blade width is very small.

The carbon steel blades will provide you many seasons of precision cuts. Moreover, McGregor MER1232 handle grips are made of soft material so as it does not cause you hand fatigue while you work.


McGregor is a corded rotary lawnmower that can easily deal with dense grasses because of a highly powerful engine. Selecting a corded lawn mower like McGregor would have power available whenever you need, which is better than cordless options.

Lawnmowers that use the mains power to function are fast and cuts the grasses efficiently.

In addition, the height-adjustable handle of this lawnmower makes this a universally acceptable machine to operate.

We suggest you set the handle height adjustment to a level where your elbows have a slight bend (almost a 45-degree angle), and to the point where you can easily push it, without strain or injury.

This method allows you to use your McGregor Lawn Mower faster and more efficiently.

Overall Performance

Overall, the McGregor corded lawnmower has a high-performance output. The 1.6 HP motor makes this lawnmower to slice through the grass in your backyard like a piece of cake.

The machine has a rotary electric lawnmower of 1200 watts, where most lawn mowers hardly ever exceed 1000 watts.

With such a powerful engine, MER1232 works great for lawns up to 900 m2. The key to its maximum power is having a power cable included.

McGregor lawnmower’s power value makes it ideal for the wildest and largest lawns out there. Cordless/battery-powered rotary lawnmowers do not perform so well due to less power output.

Final Verdict

As a whole, the MER1232 32cm rotary lawn mower won’t disappoint you. This is a mower with superior quality built and greatest features but is seriously lightweight and simple to work with.

It does the job, has an integrated safety switch for protection, and a 10m power cable ensures longer runtime, and you can extend it into the farthest corners of your lawn.

Overall, this lawnmower is a combination of power, quality, and exceptional cutting experience like none other. It is a great choice for people having medium-large gardens and wants a nice, long-lasting trim. If purchased with a warranty, this mower will last you a long time.

Value for money, along with consistent performance, makes this lawn mower our best buy!

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