Jenn-Air JES9750BA Induction Cooktop With Downdraft Review

Planning a kitchen renovation and looking for a new induction cooktop with downdraft? Looking for solutions?

Many people choose an induction cooktop with downdraft, but of course, these are a lot bulkier and aren’t a nice fit to small kitchen areas. Thanks to the development of modern household appliances, here we have an option now to make your cooking much effective and quick.

How about the Jenn- air induction cooktop with downdraft incorporated?

The 30-inch downdraft induction would be the best companion for your small kitchen area. It takes less space while offering you a time-saving cooking experience. Fortunately, the Jenn-air induction cooktop manufacturers have constantly played their roles, giving you the best compact, fuel-efficient models of the induction cooktop with downdraft.

We have listed all the essential information along with Jenn-air JES9750BA cooktop features so that you can easily decide whether to buy it or not. Keep reading! I also have written a detailed review of Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Induction Range. You can read that too.

Jenn-Air JES9750BA Downdraft Induction Cooktop Review

Jenn-Air JES9750BA Induction Cooktop With Downdraft

The JES9750BA slide-in electric cooktop features a modular design that offers you the 4-burner option of cooking and the use of the grill accessories.

This remarkable cooktop by Jenn-air comes with two-speed downdraft ventilation that pulls smoke and cooking odors out of the kitchen. With the oven’s 2-speed multi-mode convection system, the Jenn-air induction also offers you even baking and roasting on multiple racks.

The Induction cooktop has a Large Pan view window that lets you see what’s cooking without opening the oven door. Along with that, the Dual-Choice element will provide you the option to easily choose or match elements and even the pan sizes to get efficient heating experience.

Key Features-

Here are some Jenn-air remarkable features that are something to look out for.

  • 30″ Slide-In downdraft cooktop with 4.3 Cu. Ft electric oven makes it easy to fit an entire meal inside.
  • Subtle curved front with stainless-steel finish towel bar handle matches any kitchen design perfectly.
  • Two-speed downdraft ventilation pulls out smoke and cooking odors.
  • Keep Warm oven options keep food warm when you’ve guests coming or finishing up the meal.
  • Delay-Start cooking and cleaning put your oven to work while you’re busy with other chores.
  • Size detection allows it only to heat to the size of your pan.
  • The help option makes all oven functions simple to operate.

Why should one purchase the Jenn-air JES9750BA Induction cooktop?

Jenn-air 30” Downdraft cooktop is a great product that you should consider because it keeps cooking smokes and smells away from the rest of your house and kitchen.

Get to know Jenn-air’s remarkable features before you opt to buy it.


Being a popular name in making kitchen appliances, peoples love to use Jenn-air products, especially the Jenn-air downdraft cooktop, because of its long-lasting, sturdy, and euro-style design.

The 30” slide-in downdraft surface has a beautiful jet-black ceramic glass surface that wipes dirt easily. The metal knobs are made of stainless steel. The radiant style coil element helps the metal coil to generate heat on the plates, which can be adjusted by knobs.

Moreover, the dura Finish ceramic glass protection surface resists scratching and allows for easy cleaning. The hand-turned stainless-steel knobs boast about the power at your fingertips.


Talking about efficiency, the Jenn-air induction cooktop can cook faster with the proven induction technology, which is up to 76% more efficient than gas. The heat will be produced in the cooking pan itself, and your food gets cooked quickly.

Due to this, the cooktop consumes less energy, thus saving your power bills as well. As heat loss is very less, so you won’t sweat while preparing the food.

Moreover, because of their ergonomics, downdraft vents work harder than updraft systems to remove air and usually are effective at drawing steam, odors, and fumes from burners.

Build Quality

Let’s talk about the build quality of the Jenn-air induction cooktop. The product has excellent features in this price range. The build quality of Jenn-air (JES9750BA) is also good. (but expensive). High-Quality Material promises you about the durability of this kitchen appliance.

An Integrated control panel with no trim or frame adds style and is easy to clean. The Jenn-air cooktop also offers you with the intuitive Menu-Driven Electronic Oven Controls towards this modular dual-fuel downdraft range that provides you the comfort and further manages to navigate via its menu options and settings.

The Slide-in design coordinates stunningly with adjacent cabinets for a built-in style. Moreover, the timer function allows you to set the downdraft ventilation system automatically shut off; this is accessible even if forgotten about.

Overall Performance

Finally, the most significant attribute of Jenn-air JES9750BA is its performance. It is an ideal cooktop with a powerful two-speed downdraft ventilation system that captures smoke and cooking odors right from your cooking surface when you begin cooking. It means this electric downdraft cooktop with grill makes efforts to clear the air without even a hood efficiently. So, you don’t need an overhead ventilation system anymore.

With the downdraft incorporated induction performance boost, each burner quickly heats the cookware, allowing you to achieve temperatures higher than standard boil settings for 10 minutes- perfect for boiling liquids, frying, and searing meat.

The overall outstanding performance of this Jenn air downdraft cooktop is with its convection system that delivers you with the ideal temperature, airflow. It can be adjusted with cooking cycle conditions while giving you the best baking and roasting foods.

For best performance, the induction cooktop will pull the power from other burners for timely cooking.

Final Thoughts

Here we have come to an end of this review! With a selective Jenn-air downdraft electric cooktop, cooking becomes much easy without any tears and unrestricted views. Jenn-air Downdraft designs pull air across the cooking surface and push down through a duct that whisks it out of your kitchen.

When it comes to styling, this pro-style cooktop will definitely create a lasting impression. It enhances the look of your kitchen with its modern and straightforward design and offers you multiple cooking burners to cook more dishes. Thus, saving your power bills.

And of course, Jenn-air is reliable and made with the durable construction to provide you the lasting guarantee and longevity as well.

So, choose the Jenn-air JES9750BA induction cooktop with downdraft for your kitchen and enjoy the experience of fast cooking. You could say it’s your perfect cooktop. But there’s no need. Your guests will say it for you!

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