Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw Review

Wondering about how to make your garden stunning? Do you want to saw up high, but worrying that it would be risky to use a chainsaw while standing on a ladder? Good thinking.

So how can you reach those tall branches while keeping your feet planted on the ground? Use a cordless pole saw! The cordless pole saw is a great and convenient tool when you need to trim hard to reach tree branches on a large lawn.

Don’t worry at all! Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw is near your hand. It is a reliable pole saw that can offer you excellent trimming performance.

But is it the right fit for you?

Hopefully, this Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw Review should help you know the important features that this pole saw has to fit your needs and serve you for years to come.

Look no further; let’s get started!

Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw Review

Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 20672 is one of the oldest and premium cordless poles saw models manufactured by this company. The G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Cordless 8” Pole Saw is intended to replace comparable corded models and manually operated pruning saws.

Greenworks 20672 has some really useful features that make it ideal for anyone from the weekend warrior to the self-described professional. The poles saw has a replaceable battery opportunity, which means no need to concern about the battery.

Features including the power delivery of 160 watts to make sure proper trimming of branches. The pole saw is well- balanced and efficiently designed. The 8-inch chain and bar are there for providing high performance.

Besides, you can trim with this perfect pole saw for a longer time as it contains a high-efficiency battery. Cutting both short and tall branches have become super comfortable with the Greenworks 20672 pole saw.

Key Features

Let’s investigate the noteworthy features of this pole saw. Here are some key features of Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw-

  • G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery mechanism powers numerous tools and gives gas-like performance for the complete yard system.
  • 8-Inch bar and chain for effortless trimming of branches.
  • Simple adjust chain tensioning system for fast tightening of the chain.
  • A clear view of oil level with Translucent oil tank.
  • Automatic oiler applies oil to the bar and chain to ensure durability and longer life.
  • The 3-piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 ft. for the spontaneous trimming of upper branches.
  • Has a 2.0 Ah battery and charger.
  • Product weight is 8.360 pounds, which is 32% lighter as compared to gasoline tools.

Why Should One Go For Greenworks 20672 G-MAX Cordless Pole Saw?

The Greenworks 20672 offers exceptional maneuverability and power on the job. People who have used this pole Saw once have provided positive feedback about it. Let’s take a glimpse over its features and facilities to understand if it’s the right choice.

Build Quality

The best thing about the G-MAX Cordless Pole Saw is its lightweight. The build quality of the pole saw is outstanding. You won’t get tired while holding this machine for longer periods during heavy-duty usage.

It may take a toll on your muscles after a while, but the battery will probably need a recharge by the time you get exhausted.

Moreover, the design comes with an 8-inch bar and chain that helps you prune branches up to 6 inches in diameter. The build helps to minimize the chances of kickback that has the potential to cause injury.

The build quality of this pole saw also helps to avoid much vibration while working, so it stays stable.

What is appreciating about this Pole Saw is that it’s built lasts over years of regular use, and you don’t have to worry about taking any added steps to store it away during the off-season.


Coming to the Greenworks 20672 durability, the pole saw has an Oregon brand chain that is known for its good quality steel. The shaft is made in aluminum which makes it lightweight but durable.

It is also good to mention that the handle of this pole saw is coated with a soft rubber material, which makes it comfortable to handle.

Greenworks pole saw sports both intuitive functionality and a stylish outlook. Consequently, the pole is tough enough to give increased durability and stability.

Superior-quality products may cost a little bit, but if you’re using this pole saw much often in a year, buying a little pricey, but durable pole saw will be a smart and long-lasting choice.


To add to the charm of your garden, it needs clean trimming. With its trimming convenience, G-MAX Cordless Pole Saw has already earned the popularity.

Moreover, every professional or individual prefers to choose the Greenworks Cordless pole saw to assure a neat and efficient look around their house.

The majority of pole saws hamper the working speed by rotating automatically. It spoils your time, and you lose concentration upon action. But the Greenworks cordless pole saw has anti-rotation. You can work efficiently at a stretch with its anti-rotation feature.

This affordable pole saw is efficient enough to clip up all the tall branches that stick out. You don’t need hard labor to execute the complete task. Besides, many other pole saws are available in the market; those aren’t closer to Greenworks in terms of efficiency.

Overall Performance

Overall, the Greenworks 20672 is a fantastic pole saw that comes with a powerful motor and a heavy-duty battery. The motor can work for longer hours at a stretch without any hassle.

Even the engine alone can perform against thick branches precisely. Supported with such a robust motor, you can ensure faster-cutting. The power tool of this pole saw is capable of cutting branches that are 6 inches in diameter.

On the other hand, it’s a pole saw that enjoys a reputation for extended battery life. The battery provides an impressive backup opportunity at the time of work. Since the battery is rechargeable, you never need to worry. Within a short period, it gets charged again.

Final Verdict

Above all, Greenworks 20672 G-MAX 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw is undoubtedly an excellent choice for your daily yard jobs. The pole saw is capable of all the features whatever you’re constantly looking for and immediately in need.

It is equipped with exceptional features such as chain tensioning mechanism with no tools, automatic oiler system, superior performance with the 40v Li-ion battery, no need of cable or wire, etc.

It is safer, sturdier, well-balanced, and energy-efficient. It has an overall rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon, and almost all users have liked this pole saw.

As a sensible nature admirer and gardening hobbyist, it’s a dire need for you to choose this amazing pole saw to keep your garden refresh and clean.

So if you’re eager to use a powerful, yet affordable pole saw that can handle any tough situations, listen to what users are saying about this absolute brand and don’t hesitate to make a choice.

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