Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers of 2021

Are you planning for organizing a summer party? Nothing can be even worse than a shortage of ice at home at that crucial period when guests are just about to enter your place.

It might hinder your fun time when you have to run out to the store for ice urgently. The worst-case occurs when you do not find it at the stores too. How can you prevent this?

Don’t worry, and here we bring portable ice makers to stop running out of your house to search for ice. Special thanks to technology’s advancement that has hot summers to refreshing and cooling times. With an ice maker, you can produce enough ice in a few minutes.

It is because of its fast freeze technology. Don’t worry because we have reduced your work by listing the top-rated ice makers for you to make your summer experience to be very convenient.

However, before you find the perfect product, you must think about specific factors before purchasing. If you’re looking for a nugget ice maker, check this review post.

Best Portable Ice Maker

Do you want the best portable ice maker? After doing many hours of research and experience, we came to a concluded list of top-rated ice makers. You can find the best ice makers below-

  1. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker
  2. Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Ice Maker
  3. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker
  4. Euhomy Portable Ice Maker Machine
  5. Prime Home Portable Ice Maker Machine

In terms of performance, durability, and efficiency; IKICH Countertop Ice Maker is the best for your kitchen. It has the ability to ready the ice cubes in 6 minutes only. It has many other features and compact design. So, this ice maker is most recommended if you want a countertop ice maker.

Best Portable Ice Makers of 2021

You can find the best portable ice makers along with detailed information about each product. Check it below-

1. IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker

IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker


Are you in need of the most efficient and portable ice maker? The perfect IKICH Portable Countertop is the most efficient and beautiful ice maker that can provide ice in a few minutes. You can easily view the ice shape from the large window without opening any lid.

The portable ice maker is straightforward to clean, and it is also resistant to dirt. You can quickly fill and remove the ice from the unique IKICH Countertop’s ice maker.

You can have nine pieces of ice cubes in just six minutes which is round as well as smooth enough. The compact and portable ice cube maker is very energy efficient and contains smart refill properties. The ice maker also includes two size options for ice cubes that can be very useful for you.

Why you should buy this?

  • Nine pieces of fresh ice in six minutes.
  • Compact as well as a portable device that acquires very little space.
  • Produces a smooth ice cube that does not hurt mouths.
  • Consists of fast cooling efficiency with shallow sound.
  • A smart ice maker is very easy to clean.


2. Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Ice Maker


Do you want a powerful ice maker for your home needs and requirements? Surely, Frigidaire EFIC102-RED Compact Ice Maker is one of the most efficient and convenient ice makers. You can quickly receive nine ice cubes in your hands within seven to fifteen minutes. You can easily observe your ice from the large open window without opening the particular lid of the ice maker.

You also get clear and dirt-less ice cubes rather than opaque cubes of other ice makers. It also contains the best drain plug that helps in cleaning as well as draining the excellent ice maker in a few seconds. You can easily use the ice shovel tool of the wanderlust ice maker than can remove the ice entirely.

Why you should buy this?

  • Perfect drain plug to clean the unique ice maker.
  • Ice shovel to remove the ice cubes in an efficient manner.
  • Obtain nine ice cubes within fifteen minutes.
  • Chemical and pollution-resistant.
  • It contains complete stainless steel treatment in the lid.


3. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

Vremi Countertop Ice Maker


Want to produce ice in a few minutes? Then you must have Vremi Countertop Ice Maker in your location because it can create ice in ten minutes. You can easily remove the ice cubes from the lid of the ice maker. It is a very efficient ice maker that does not make loud sounds.

You have the cleanest, fresh, and fizzy ice cubes in your hands. The Vremi ice maker produces cylindrical ice cubes which become very attractive to eat. You can easily use these ice cubes for small bottles. You will feel safe while using the Vremi ice maker because it automatically stops the production of ice when the drawer gets full. You can store these ice cubes in your freezer for later use.

Why you should buy this?

  • Nine perfect and bullet-shaped ice cubes in less than ten minutes.
  • A very portable ice maker that is easy to store.
  • Intelligent design with energy efficiency ice basket.
  • No requirement of battery in the mobile icemaker.
  • One year of guarantee with the first 30 days exchange offers.


4. Euhomy Portable Ice Maker Machine

Euhomy Portable Ice Maker Machine


Do you need fresh and perfect ice for your drinks? Then Economy Portable Ice Maker Machine will help you in providing an excellent and smart design of ice cubes at home. The water tank has a large capacity of 2.2 liters that can easily store nine cubes at one time. You can make two sizes of ice according to your needs.

You can use a small and large basket for making different sized ice cubes. You get a bullet shape ice cube that does not hurt the mouth of people. You have the facility of checking the ice level through the stylish transparent window. You can quickly receive alert sound after the complete making of ice in an ice bucket. It is simple to use and locate in every part of the house because of the compact design.

Why you should buy this?

  • It does not produce too much noise while working.
  • An energy-efficient ice maker that produces ice in a few minutes.
  • It contains a transparent window that helps in watching ice level.
  • Modern design with time efficiency.
  • Easy to clean and compact ice maker.


5. Prime Home Portable Ice Maker Machine

Prime Home Portable Ice Maker Machine


Do you want an energy-efficient ice maker with perfect design? The Prime Home Portable Ice Maker Machine is a smart design that is ultimately energy-efficient. You can enjoy the various intelligent features of the ice maker. The icemaker automatically stops when the ice bucket gets full, and it also prevents overflow conditions with a warning alarm.

You can place the portable ice maker at any location because it is a very quiet ice maker. You can also find the fantastic basket and ice scoop options that help inadequately remove the cubes. You receive perfect bullet-shaped ice cubes for your drinks that can make you feel frizzy in the summer season. You can also use these ideal ice cubes in small bottles. The ice maker uses the water from melted ice again; therefore, it does not include wastewater.

Why you should buy this?

  • It provides alert when water needs refilling.
  • Flexible and easy to store.
  • Reuse the melted ice water for freezing.
  • Perfect fitting options in small bars and kitchen area.
  • A durable ice maker that produces ice in six minutes.


6. Portable Countertop Ice Maker By BOSSIN

Portable Countertop Ice Maker By BOSSIN


Want an ice maker with which you have not to compromise with kitchen space? Then BOSSIN Portable Ice Maker is the ideal one for you, which is well-designed with efficiency and high speed. So, whenever you need ice cubes for immediate use, you can make it quickly after buying Portable Countertop Ice Maker.

You can get an elegant and energy-efficient solution for all your frozen needs. This ice maker would not disrupt your day to day activities, and you get ice ready when you feel it should be.

It can be troublesome to work with large ice makers, which can be slow and loud at the same time. Are you tired of the annoyances and mechanical problems caused by large ice maker machines? You can save your efforts with auto shut-off capabilities featured by PortableIce Maker by BOSSIN.

Why you should buy this?

  • Capable of producing 48lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours.
  • Light, easy, and flexible to store.
  • Cleaning the ice maker is comfortable with the self-cleaning functionality.
  • Consists of a quiet compressor requiring low energy.


7. Antartic Star Countertop Portable Ice Maker

Antartic Star Countertop Portable Ice Maker


Do you want ice cubes ready in few seconds? Antarctic Star ice maker not only gives you a fresh feeling. But you can ensure there is always ice on hand to use after purchasing Antarctic Star. This ice maker reuses the water from melted ice for making new ice cubes.

It gives you the freshest and most efficient ice cubes. The design of the bullet is safer and, at the same time, fashionable, which makes it easy to fit in water bottle openings.

If you want an ice maker that you can install anywhere inside your home, then Antarctic Star Countertop Portable Ice Maker is an ideal choice. You can store it at any place like a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and many more.

Moreover, it features a transparent window through which you can track the status of the ice cubes. It makes it efficient to buy Antarctic Star Portable Ice Maker without thinking anymore.

Why you should buy this?

  • Fast and powerful ice making capacity.
  • Convenient, portable, and compact.
  • Consists of a removable ice basket and scoop.
  • Equipped with automatic shutdown function and alarm light.


8. Igloo ICEB26BK Portable 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker

Igloo ICEB26BK Portable 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker


Is there any need for a quick-freezing ice maker for home usage? Then, you must come across the intelligent Igloo ICEB26BK Portable 26-Pound Automatic Icemaker for basic needs. You can easily remove the ice basket from the ice maker to receive the perfect shape of ice. You can also view your ice level from the transparent lid.

The ice makers also consist of an LED light that helps in alerting the overflow level of the ice buckets. You have to not worry about the cleaning because the ice maker consists of a drain plug that can easily clean the whole maker when not in use. You can have a perfect party option at your residence because the amazing ice maker can store two pounds of ice each time.

Why you should buy this?

  • Removable ice basket options with a capacity of 2 LBS.
  • Production of two ice options; small ice and large ice.
  • Makes around nine ice cubes under seven minutes.
  • Consists of the transparent lid help in viewing the ice cube capacity.
  • Presence of a drain plug that serves an easy cleaning option.


9. VIVOHOME Electric Portable Icecube Maker

VIVOHOME Electric Portable Icecube Maker


Are you in search of an ice maker that can perform well in multi-occasions? Surely, VIVOHOME Ice maker will meet your desire to make ice cubes. After purchasing VIVOHOME Portable Ice Maker, you can add excitement to your kitchen as it serves a variety of cold dishes and keeps them fresh. You have to just plug-in power and add water and then enjoy a batch of ice in 5-6 minutes.

Moreover, the red indicator alerts you when the water level runs low in the 2.3-quart reservoir. Then you have to add more water. Who wants to miss such an incredible ice maker which comes with fantastic monitoring and design features? The ice maker operates at low noise, which makes it the best choice to buy.

Why you should buy this?

  • Lightweight and portable to use it anywhere.
  • The machine can make up to 26lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours.
  • It is equipped with automatic overflow protection.
  • It features a view window for ice level checking and process monitoring.


10. KUPPET Portable Ice Maker

KUPPET Portable Ice Maker


Do you want to have a certified multi-functioned ice maker? Then, KUPPET Portable Ice Maker will work best for your needs. This Ice maker has a proper ETL certificate that ensures its high productivity. The smart design is perfect for making a quick nine piece of ice within 13 minutes.

It also includes ice scoop and ice basket options for the easy removal of cubes in a stable manner. You also get a quiet compressor option which ensures the steady working of the ice maker without massive sound. You can easily store ice in the freezer for further use.

You also get an automatic alert warning when you need to add more water or remove extra water from the ice bucket. You can also store KUPPET Portable Ice Maker at any location that includes a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other stores.

Why you should buy this?

  • Compact and lightweight, portable ice maker.
  • The safest mode of making ice cubes at home.
  • It contains automatic warning lights that assure excess water level.
  • Powerful refrigeration technology with a perfect compressor.
  • A smart design that monitors water shortage warning.


Portable Ice Maker Buying Guides

While you have selected to buy an ice maker, purchasing the right product must be the foremost choice. Otherwise, it will ruin your whole fun. Thus to ensure the perfect application, you must consider the following factor.


The quality of each ice maker is not the same. It depends upon the material for ice maker construction. If you have to choose between a plastic or stainless steel ice maker, then for sure go for a stainless steel one. It is better in durability.


No matter if you are purchasing an ice cream maker for home or commercial use. It is essential to consider its size before buying. Many companies provide dimension descriptions for the product they are selling.


The ice maker must be portable to carry along wherever you want. Many people carry ice maker along with them to their picnic spot and thus enjoy refresh and chilly days in the hot summers. However, if you are buying for home use, then weight does not matter.


The ice maker has a definite volume to produce ice. Many ice makers can provide this ranging between 20lb to 28 lb. For this, you can make a comparison according to daily ice consumption. However, buy the one which does not let you run out of ice.


If you want elegant looks for an ice maker, then it’s better to choose with a perfect layout. Ice makers made from stainless steel also provide these classic looks with different shades in it. Stainless steel can go well with the colors you prefer to add to your kitchen.

Energy efficiency

For sure, the ice maker operates on electricity. Thus if you are looking for energy-efficient ice maker then consider electricity consumption it can take for one-time use and then compare with the other. It should not put on high electricity bills.


Ice makers are cheap in rates, but the difference in each model brings uniqueness in their pricing. Thus it’s better to set up a budget first and stick to it and find which one you prefer the most.


Checking all the aspects, we have prepared the list of top-rated ice maker machine above. Depending upon your budget flexibility, buy any of the above-listed ice makers. The first-five are most recommended because they’re efficient and features many options.

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