Top 5 Best Polymeric Sand Brands in 2022

Are you looking for the best polymeric sand? After testing lots of brands and chemicals, we’ve filtered the top 5 polymeric sand brands that you can buy for multipurpose use.

A driveway or a patio looks great if it is well paved and maintained. Earlier, the use of ordinary sand was common for paving. However, with advanced technology, new and more durable materials are available for the job. One such material is Polymeric Sand.

Unlike the common sand that washes away during a heavy downpour, polymeric sand has a unique property of staying together due to the self-adhesive property that keeps the particles bound securely.

The material is useful to fill in the gaps and seams between the concrete pavers, jigsaw stones or bricks laid to form the walkway or patio. The special additive added to the material helps to bind the sand particles and lend strength and durability to the construction.

Best Polymeric Sand

I’ve listed the top 5 polymeric sand brand that you can buy online-

1. Dominator Polymeric Sand

Best Polymeric Sand

This is by far the best option for paver installation. The Dominator Polymeric Sand uses SOLID FLEX technology that gives it superior strength and durability. Due to this technology, the joints remain flexible during vehicular movement without breaking the seal.

It’s the most popular polymeric sand brand used by millions of people. For guaranteed performance, it is advisable to use it when the atmospheric temperature is above 32 degrees F at least for a period of 48 hours.

The work needs to be done in the sunny condition so that the sand cures faster and gives a stable output. During winters, the material may take a longer time to settle and dry.

The material is free of cement and thus does not give a hazy finish. It is available in 5 shades to match the paved tiles and give a uniform look. Please note that this product is not suitable for submerged or regularly wet surfaces.

Dominator Polymeric sand is the preferred choice for many professionals as it is easy to install and gives stability and flexibility to the paver. The 13 ponds can cover 8-32 square feet and the 45 pounds can cover 20-80 square feet.

  • The polymers have excellent adhesive power.
  • It requires minimal cleaning up.
  • Detailed and easy installation guide.
  • There is the option of 5 colours –Natural, Charcoal, Titanium, Taupe and Carmel.
  • It offers flexibility to joints to prevent seal cracking.
  • It’s bit costly.


2. Alliance Gator Polymeric Sand

Alliance Gator Polymeric Sand

Alliance Gator Polymeric “Super” sand lives up to its name and gives a sturdy and durable joint. It has advanced haze-free technology that gives an unambiguous surface.

The advantage of this super sand is that it sets very quickly and unlike other polymeric sand does not take a long time to cure. The advanced formula and precise calibration of ingredients permit it to set within an hour of installation.

This is ideal for filling up block pavers and prevents the growth of weeds between the joints. It also prevents damage caused by burrowing insects and possible erosion due to rain, wind and weather change cycles.

The product is delivered in a waterproof bag that can be safely stored outdoors. However, the only flip side of this super product is that it is only available in slate grey colour and does not offer the flexibility of blending with the tiles to give an even-toned look.

  • It’s very simple to use.
  • It has a faster setting rate.
  • It is durable, flexible and stable as well.
  • Available in a waterproof bag for convenient outdoor storage.
  • Ideal for different paving installations and materials.
  • Available in single shade of slate gray.


3. Sakrete of North America Polymeric Sand

Sakrete of North America Polymeric Sand

Sakrete paver set is easy to use and an affordable option for filling joints. The product consists of sand and special polymers that lend firmness and durability to the paver joints.

The polymers used in this product may not have the same cohesive strength as the other expensive brands. But, if you’re looking for cheap polymeric sand, this could be the best.

Nonetheless, it is still equally durable and weather resistant. The paver set is simple to use and comes with an installation guide. The polymeric sand needs clear and dry weather to set without washing out.

The curing period is longer since the additive polymers are not very effective as other brands. Unfortunately, it is only available in grey colour.

The 50 pounds package covers an area of 56 feet. It is definitely a budget-friendly product.

  • It’s a budget-friendly product.
  • Easy to use.
  • It covers a greater area at almost quarter price of other brands.
  • It delivers a reasonable performance and decent setting.
  • Polymers not that effective and cohesive.
  • It has a tendency to wash out during wet conditions.


4. SRW Pavermate Polymeric Sand

Best Polymeric Sand for Paver

SRW Pavermate Polymeric sand is available in a 50 pounds bag and has the ability to cover approximately 55-75 square feet per bag. The exclusive formulation enables the polymers to activate better for quick setting.

It is haze-free and does not peel, flake or crack. The product has superior bonding power and ability to last longer.

This is suitable for residential as well as commercial use. The sand is of such a fine grade that it accommodates easily in the tightest joints. You can use this paver set in multiple places like walkways, patios, pool, decks and driveways.

It is suitable to fill joints that are 1/8 inch to almost 1.5-inch. The polymeric sand fits in so well in the joints that it prevents insect infestation and weeds growth.

  • Suitable for residential and commercial application.
  • Easy to spread and install.
  • Covers 55-75 square feet per bag.
  • Very fine grade to fit the tightest gaps.
  • Quicker setting product.
  • Polymers not that effective and durable.
  • Available in only black color.


5. Rhino Power Bond Plus+ Polymeric Sand

Best Polymeric Sand for Flagstone

This paver set can be useful to fill joints of the maximum of 4 inches in drainage application and around 2 inches in the overlay. The material sets rapidly and is haze-free. It works best over a temperature of 32 degrees F. Its setting time is 15 minutes after water sprinkling.

Like most other paver sets, this too prevents weeds growth and insect infestation. The waterproof bags can be safely laid flat and stored outdoors. The product also helps fight erosion due to changing weather conditions. The set is available in 50 pounds bag and in slate grey colour.

As the name suggests, the product is tough and durable and gives a longer-lasting performance, taking care of your paver installation needs around multiple places like decks, pools, driveways and walkways.

  • It can fill joints to maximum 4 inches.
  • Waterproof storage bag for convenient outdoor storage.
  • Haze and dust-free.
  • Needs single watering for setting.
  • Limited colour options.


Final Verdict

Unlike the earlier method of filling the paver joints by common sand, the modern-day technology has introduced polymeric sand that is more durable and stable than the regular one. Since this is a combination of sand and polymer additives, the entire material gives extra strength and durability to the installation and gives a neat finish.

Since the particles bind strongly together, there is less chance of gaps remaining unfilled. The material packs the paver joints properly and leaves no place for weeds to grow. Similarly, the paved surface gets protection against the burrowing insects that can damage the area.

Of the many products available in the market to help you fill the paver joints and give a neat appearance to the driveway or other paved areas, it is highly recommended to use Dominator Polymeric Sand, even though it is expensive because it has great polymer binding that gives a durable finish.

On the other hand, amongst all the products, Sakrete is a very budget-friendly product. In order to keep the paved area looking good and free of weeds and insects, it is essential to fill the paver joints and maintain the level so that it has a clean surface and neat appearance as well.

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