Top 5 Best Paver Sealers in 2022

Keeping the walkways, paver patios, driveways, etc. as new as the day they were installed is everybody’s dream. You can keep them ever brighter and beautiful by applying the appropriate paver sealer over them.

The paver sealants not only keep your walkways and pool decks beautiful and shining. They also protect the paver patios, driveways from external damages so that they last longer.

However, you need to know when and how much to apply or reapply the paver sealant. Over application of the sealant or applying them too often can lead towards a haze. Above all, selecting the right paver sealant is critical as there are poor or low-quality paver sealant products available in the market.

Often, people go for branded products with the hope that they would serve their purposes. But just because the sealant is from a branded manufacturer it does not mean the product is of the best category.

Best Paver Sealers in 2021

Foundation Armor AR350Satin SheenYes
EnduraSeal Semi-Gloss SealerSemi GlossYes
Black Diamond SealerGlossYes
Foundation Armor SX5000MatteNo
Eagle Sealer EPS1GlossYes

You need to know which paver sealant is fit for what type of surface so that it will serve your purpose. The following are the 5 best paver sealer products that work great-

1. Foundation Armor AR350 Paver Sealer

Best Paver Sealer

The Foundation Armor AR350 Paver Sealer is a very sophisticated UV protected and non-yellowing paver sealer that is designed to seal, enhance, and protect your exterior and interior concrete surfaces.

When you apply this to the surface it goes into the surface and reacts chemically with the pores of the concrete and pavers. This prevents the damages caused by water or sunlight and makes the surface long-lasting.

This product is also very effective to prevent the damages caused by dusting, spalling, and pitting. Besides this, it enhances the dull surface by giving a gloss finishing and premium darkened wet look.

The Armor AR350 is the best paver sealer that can be applied to unsealed surfaces, or the surfaces which may be sealed previously with a solvent-based acrylic.

This product is reliable and can last for at least 1-3 years once applied on the exterior, while for interior surfaces it can last for 3-7 years without a need of recoating.

  • This product is a non-yellowing solvent.
  • You can use a roller or sprayer to apply this paver sealer.
  • It has UV resistance characteristics.
  • The Armor AR350 paver sealer is water-resistant.
  • The product also acts as the best protector and enhancer.
  • It needs proper maintenance to protect the wet look.


2. EnduraSeal Semi-Gloss Paver Sealer

Best Semi Gloss Paver Sealer

This 100% pure acrylic paver sealer ensures high performance and long-lasting protection to your paver. This is a professional and high solid sealer that can produce a semi-gloss and wet-look on any kind of surfaces.

Its non-yellowing formula protects your paver from getting yellow. This product is best for stained, stamped, coloured, and exposed concrete. Besides this, it also protects terrazzo, pavers, and stones.

You can get an excellent result by applying two thin coats. Eventually, a gallon of sealer can cover approximately 150-300 square feet area and provide you with the best results.

  • This product is 100% pure acrylic.
  • You can rely on this paver sealer as it is the best and highly durable.
  • The manufacturer has used the latest non-yellowing formula to produce this sealer.
  • The EnduraSeal Semi-Gloss Paver Sealer is flawless and offers quick dry.
  • This is effective, glowing, beautiful and long-lasting.
  • You may face some difficulty while applying this.
  • Over applying this sealer develops bubbles.


3. Black Diamond Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer

Best Wet Look Paver Sealer

The Black Diamond Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer is one of the Best Paver Sealers in the contemporary market. This product eventually gives a beautiful wet look to any coloured and decorative surfaces.

This sealant is very easy to apply by using a spray, roll and brush. You can make your concrete, pavers, patios, garage floor, driveways, and masonry more professional and provide a beautiful wet look by applying this sealant.

Furthermore, the product is successfully tested and used on stone and tiles as per the claim of the manufacturer. It is a water-based sealer that is very easy to maintain after clean-up just by the water.

Above all, the product is water-resistant with a UV protection component that ultimately ensures durability.

  • The product is popular because of its easy maintenance.
  • It eventually lasts longer.
  • Its UV protection is remarkable.
  • The product has an effective water-resistance characteristic.
  • As per the claim of the manufacturer, this product is duly tested on stones and tiles.
  • The wet look may turn into milky white after a long time.


4. Foundation Armor SX5000 Paver Sealer

Foundation Armor Paver Sealer

The Foundation Armor SX5000 Paver Sealer marvellously maintains the feel of the surface as well as provides the natural and unsealed look.

This sealer is popular and contains up to 5X more active materials and cannot be completed by other similar products in the market. This product is specially designed to work below the surface.

As a result, it won’t make the surface slippery and won’t change the colour of the surface you have applied. You can easily spray it on the surface using a pump sprayer.

The product also ensures long-lasting protection to your paver. You may only apply two back-to-back coats which can eventually sustain for 7-10 years. This is a solvent-based product with low VOC, Silane Siloxane, and a breathable characteristic and can be in any unsealed interior.

As you apply this product, it goes deeper into the substrate and reacts chemically leading to the formation of the hydrophobic barriers within the pores which further helps to prevent water absorption up to 95%.

  • This paver sealant can last up to 7-10 years or even longer.
  • It does not change the appearance of the surface.
  • It does not make the surface slippery.
  • The product prevents water absorption.
  • The product is approved by the Department of Transportation.
  • The product may not be much effective in case of heavy rain environment.


5. Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer

Best Patio Sealer Cement

The Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear is yet another paver solvent to seal concrete, brick, slate, flagstone and pavers. This is a non-yellowing and UV protected product. It can sustain in any weather condition.

It protects the surface from various types of damages including damage by water and oil etc. Besides this, the sealer is effective in protecting the surfaces that face salt damages. It also helps to keep the colour of the surface unfazed for a long period of time.

The Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer gives you a classic wet-look to your surface and makes it appear glossier and beautiful. Eventually, you will have no or minimal slippery conditions after applying it on your surface.

  • The product is self-priming and re-seals easily.
  • The Eagle Sealer EPS1 Clear Paver Sealer is solvent-based for best adhesion.
  • The product is UV protected.
  • It has non-yellowing characteristics.
  • You will eventually get excellent results in just two coats of the paver sealant.
  • A careless application may lead to a bit slippery surface.


Final Verdict

Often people interested in buying the best paver sealer ask about the types of paver sealant or ask what types of paver sealants are available in the market.

In fact, there are two basic types of sealants- film-forming sealants, and non-film-forming sealants. The film-forming sealants give better protection because they promote a natural physical barrier on the surface.

On the other hand, the non-film-forming sealants boost the colour and provide a natural look of the surface as well as appear beautiful than the film-forming sealant applied surfaces.

However, whether it is a film-forming sealant or a non-film-forming sealant, the ultimate outcome is dependent on the quality and characteristics of the paver sealer. Therefore, you need to take utmost care while buying the most appropriate sealant that fits your surface.

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