Top 10 Best Induction Ranges of 2022

Are you looking for a new cooking range? Are you aware of induction ranges? Do you know about their energy-efficient technology? Induction cooking has taken the culinary world by storm due to its efficient use of resources to cook dishes in a shorter time span. And here I’ll give you a list of best out of the best induction ranges that make your cooking easy and efficient.

The introduction of induction occurred around the early 1900s. It was showcased in the World Fair at Chicago in the year 1933 and the mid-1950s. In spite of various demonstrations where a piece of newspaper was kept between the induction surface and a pot of boiling water, people never realized the potential of this technology. Its use was primarily restricted to industries.

In the early 1970s, the stand-alone single burner induction cooker was introduced by Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the USA. They were costly and unreliable. This time period witnessed their downfall. Their expansion continued in Europe and Asia because of the relatively safer cooking environment and use of electricity.

Fast forward to the present day, induction ranges are an integral part of the culinary market. They have several features that are in their favour. They are present in most of the kitchens nowadays. If you do not own an induction range and are planning to buy one, then continue reading to go through the best induction range that you can buy online. If you’re looking for an induction cooktop with downdraft then I recommend you to read my Jen-Air Induction Cooktop review.

Best Induction Range Of 2020

Here are some of the best induction ranges that you can buy online…

  1. Bosch HII8055U Slide-In Induction Range
  2. General Electric PS950SFSS Induction Range
  3. Frigidaire FFEF3054TS Induction Range
  4. Cafe CHS950P2MS1 Induction Range
  5. Frigidaire FFIF3036TF Induction Range
  6. KitchenAid KFID500ESS Double Oven with Induction Range
  7. Frigidaire FGIF3036TD Induction Range
  8. Samsung Induction Cooking Range
  9. KitchenAid KSIB900ESS Induction Range
  10. Electrolux EI30IF40LS Induction Range

#1: Bosch HII8055U 800 Series Slide-In Induction Range

Bosch Slide-In Induction Range


Bosch is a name that we hear quite frequently in relation to quality appliances. This model of induction range by Bosch is quite the performer in the cooking sector and rated as the best induction range. It is manufactured in a stainless steel look that is sure to charm you. It also has many features listed below.


  • 2600 W Power
  • Four cooking elements
  • Warming Drawer
  • 6 cubic feet capacity of the primary oven
  • Autochef mode
  • PreciseSelect feature
  • SafeStart feature
  • True Convection technology
  • 11 Cooking Modes
  • Meat Probe
  • SafeStart ensures that the heating element begins heating only after cookware has been placed on it.
  • Autochef mode is adept at modifying the temperature according to needs during frying.
  • You can keep track of the core temperature of your meat dishes using the temperature probe.
  • The self-cleaning feature is quite helpful.
  • It is slightly pricier than similarly featured models.


#2: General Electric PS950SFSS Induction Range

General Electric Induction Range


General Electric is another leading kitchen appliance manufacturing company, known for quality products. It has, in fact, come out on the top of our list of induction ranges. GE also offers a sophisticated and modern appliance that is a must-have for your kitchen. It enhances your cooking skills with its smart features that are sure to win your heart.


  • 3600 W Power – 19 Power levels
  • Four cooking elements and one warming element
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Seamless look with lap over sides
  • Upward vent
  • Double Oven
  • Three modes – Bake, Broil, Convection
  • Controls lock
  • Glass stovetop
  • The seamless look helps avoid crumbs falling in between the countertop and the induction range.
  • The convection mode reduces cooking time and distributes the hot air evenly.
  • The controls lock helps lock all settings during cleaning or if you have children.
  • It is easy to clean because of the glass stovetop.
  • You need to buy specific cleaners for the glass stovetop.


#3: Frigidaire FFEF3054TS Induction Range

Frigidaire FFIF3054TS Induction Range


Frigidaire is a leader in the different types of kitchen appliances available. It has quite easily reached the top as they believe in quality. All their devices are tested to last for many years so that you get your money’s worth. They are modern and sleek in appearance, adding charm to every kitchen.


  • 3000 W Power
  • Five elements.
  • MasterChef guided cooking system
  • 100 pre-programmed recipes
  • Touch screen display and controls
  • Deluxe oven
  • The product is built to last for years.
  • Crack-resistant glass top.
  • You only need to select the food type, portion size, and temperature that eliminates the need for guesswork.
  • The burner only heats up that surface of the cookware that is in contact with it as long as it is within the markings of the cooking zone.
  • It costs more than the average induction range.


#4: Cafe CHS950P2MS1 Induction Range

Cafe CHS950P2MS1 Induction Range


Now, Cafe is a more sophisticated line of GE for those customers who wish for more professional looks and features in their products. Since it is an offspring of GE, it has a track record of being able to produce equally well-designed products with a more classy finish. If you are searching for a sophisticated addition to your kitchen, this should be your go-to induction range.


  • 3700 W Power
  • Four cooking elements
  • One warming zone
  • Double oven with 4.3 cubic feet capacity in the primary oven
  • Knob controls
  • Convection present
  • Heavy handle
  • Hestan Cue Technology
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Voice Control enabled
  • It has a more commercial feel.
  • The Hestan Cue technology maintains the pan temperature correctly when Hestan Cue enabled pans are used.
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity feature allows you to access videos with amazing recipes.
  • Gourmet cooking helps you by adjusting the temperature and time for the dish automatically.
  • When accessorized, you can control your induction range with your device or through voice control.
  • You need to buy the temperature probe separately.


#5: Frigidaire FFIF3036TF Induction Range

Frigidaire FFIF3054TS Induction Range


This company has a level of its own. The induction ranges of Frigidaire have intuitive controls along with smart features. The products of this company are known to perform exceptionally well in all circumstances. It comes in a stainless steel finish as a freestanding induction range.


  • 3600 W Power
  • 3 cubic feet capacity
  • Four cooking elements
  • Auto-sizing Pan detection
  • True Temp Melt & Hold
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Touchpad
  • 6 Oven rack positions
  • It offers even heating.
  • It is quick to clean using the Quick Clean feature.
  • The surface around the heating elements is cool to touch.
  • True Temp Melt & Hold is excellent for keeping a low simmer on sauces or a constant temperature for any of your dishes.
  • There is a dedicated storage drawer for storing all your induction range cookware.
  • There is no temperature probe.


#6: KitchenAid KFID500ESS Double Oven with Induction Range

KitchenAid KFID500ESS Double Oven with Induction Range


This is one of those few companies who believe in building stable company-customer relations. The after-sales support is fantastic and quite accommodating. The product in itself is quite the eye-catcher. It is loaded with desirable features that will definitely lend you a hand while you cook. If you’re looking for the best induction range with double oven then this product from KitchenAid Range is best for your need.


  • Four cooking elements
  • 10 Power levels
  • 7 cubic feet of combined space in both the ovens
  • Even-Heat True Convection technology
  • Easy Convect Conversion System
  • Self Clean feature with seven power settings
  • Convection cooking in the lower oven
  • Steam Rack for enhanced cooking results
  • You can make multiple dishes at once using the cooktop and the two ovens.
  • The elements are heated quickly and uniformly to give you an evenly and thoroughly cooked dish always.
  • It reduces the amount of time taken to cook any dish.
  • It is self-cleaning.
  • The Easy Convect Conversion System allows you to determine the cooking requirements quickly when you are trying out new dishes.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • The double oven allows you to handle the cooking of multiple dishes at once.
  • The warning beeps can be too loud and shut down the range in a few seconds.


#7: Frigidaire FGIF3036TD Induction Range

Frigidaire FGIF3036TD Induction Range


Frigidaire is one of the leading companies in the induction cooking range category. The models are well equipped and offer a smart and intuitive control to the user. The performance, too, is undeniably remarkable. The cooking range comes in a stainless steel finish that provides a new modern touch to your kitchen and cooking.


  • 3600 W Power
  • Four elements
  • Smoothtop Cooktop
  • Convection Oven with 5.4 cubic feet capacity in primary oven
  • Storage Drawer
  • Self Cleaning mechanism
  • Viewing Window
  • Auto Sizing Pan detection
  • Temperature Precision control
  • The wide temperature range allows cooking of all dishes without any difficulty.
  • The Auto Sizing Pan detection feature produces heat only according to the size of the pan. This saves energy.
  • The cooking time in the convection mode is reduced by half.
  • You can store your utensils in the storage drawer for easy access.
  • There is no warming element.


#8: Samsung Induction Cooking Range

Samsung Induction Cooking Range


Samsung is the leading manufacturer of all things electronic, and why not this section too. The induction ranges produced by Samsung are of excellent quality and fierce competitors against the top induction cooktops in the market. It comes in a stainless steel finish with a black cooktop that you will definitely fall in love with.


  • Total 5.8 cubic feet capacity
  • Four cooking elements
  • Virtual Flame technology
  • Warming Drawer
  • Knob controls
  • Guiding Light oven control panel
  • Flex-Duo divider to give you two oven cavities with individual temperature control
  • Temperature ranges from 98 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The knobs are placed at an elevated level. It looks professional and keeps them clean.
  • It is quite easy to melt chocolate and butter without scalding them.
  • The cooking time is reduced considerably.
  • You can cook two dishes simultaneously in the oven using the Fex-Duo divider. The temperatures can be set individually, and there is a little cross over of any aroma of the dishes.
  • The induction range looks as good as new with daily cleaning.
  • You need a professional installation for this model. It is highly advisable.


#9: KitchenAid KSIB900ESS Induction Range

KitchenAid KSIB900ESS Induction Range


KitchenAid has once again made an entry in this list. The models of the induction cooking range are extremely handy in the kitchen. Their appliances last a good time and are value for money. The sleek design of the induction range is sure to add a fantastic touch to your kitchen.


  • 3600 W Power
  • Four cooking elements with bridge zone
  • 1 cubic feet capacity
  • Even-Heat True Convection technology
  • Wireless Probe
  • Steam Rack
  • Baking Drawer
  • Aqualift Feature
  • Glass Touch Controls
  • Easy Convect Conversion System
  • Optional Accessory Kit
  • The wireless probe offers excellent ease of use through its diligent monitoring of the dish’s core temperature.
  • The Aqualift feature uses water to remove baked spills in under an hour.
  • The Easy Convect Conversion System decides the temperature of cooking depending on the dish type and weight.
  • The Optional Accessory Kit is quite handy to manage the damages on your cooktop easily.
  • The beeping may be too loud for you.


#10: Electrolux EI30IF40LS Induction Range

Electrolux EI30IF40LS Induction Range


Electrolux is one of the leading companies in kitchen appliances due to its versatile nature and pricing. This induction cooking range model by Electrolux kicks off our list of top 10 inductions ranges.


  • 4000 W Power
  • 5 Heating Elements – 4 Cooking, 1 Warming
  • Full touch panel
  • Size of cooking tops ranges from5 inch diameter to 10-inch diameter
  • Warming area can be used at a maximum of 120 W
  • Delay functions like Delay Bake and Delay Clean
  • 4 Functions – Bake, Broil, Roast, Conversion
  • Glide-out Racks and ramp-up lighting
  • Free griddle
  • Convection ensures even heating and lesser cooking time in the oven
  • The surface remains relatively cool
  • Unique and pleasing design
  • It can hit a maximum of 724 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum of 93 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Easy to clean with its Fresh Clean technology
  • No temperature probe functions



This list of top 10 induction ranges has been compiled specially for you after considering various influencing factors. The above-mentioned ranking and review were based on experiences of customers, product durability, and its features. We wish that you land the induction range of your dreams.

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Happy Cooking!… The comment box waiting for your feedback.

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