Top 5 Best Granite Sealers – Buyers Guide

There are hardly any stones out there more gorgeous than granite, but it gets worse when on the verge of erosion. Amidst the everyday chores, it becomes really difficult for us to keep the surface clean and maintain the polish of the granite.

Granite Sealer

With time, the shine begins to fade, and it becomes a costly affair to bring it back to its authentic self. Thus, investing in a granite sealer can be quite an effective method than spending money on redoing the granite polish.

Wondering what a granite sealer is and the benefits it can reap you out of it? Then, scroll down below and take a note of the best granite sealers for you to choose from.

Best Granite Sealer

  1. StoneTech BulletProof Sealer
  2. Granite Gold Sealer Spray
  3. TriNova Granite Sealer
  4. Tuff Duck Granite Sealer
  5. Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

1. StoneTech BulletProof Sealer

Best Granite Sealer


StoneTech brings the best granite sealer to you that would bond to your granite and will give it bulletproofing protection. To go by the word, it comes with an advanced penetrating micro bond. It helps to protect your stone and tile against tough oil and water-based stains.

The particular sealer does not only make cleaning the granite look easy, but also ensures to build protection against tough oil and water-based stains. Even if you do not have a granite surface, you can use it for cleaning any tile or marble out there.

  • It provides extra strength for the protection of the granite surface.
  • It comes with maximum coverage of 100 feet.
  • Built with unique and advanced composition, namely, water-based fluoropolymers.


2. Granite Gold Sealer Spray

Granite Gold Sealer Spray


Now, sealing granite countertops is just a matter of spray. Wondering why? It is because of the Granite sealer, which has made it so prompt and easy to fix a hard stone like granite.

It is, by far, one of the most conveniently designed products and requires no labor or extra effort. As it is a water-based stone sealer, the composition ensures maximum surface protection against staining, etching, and soil build-up.

There is hardly any extravagance involved in the spray, except a mild citrus smell that remains after the usage.

  • Provides maximum surface protection – The stone creates a bond which further helps to develop a layer of protection against any stains.
  • Scopes of multiple usages – The product can be used on various countertops, no matter what type of stone it has.
  • Safe to be used on food surfaces – As it is non-toxic, non-acidic, and contains no phosphates or ammonia, using them on the surfaces where food is kept, isn’t a big deal.
  • It’s biodegradable, and pH balanced quality earns it more bonus points.


3. TriNova Granite Sealer

TriNova Granite Sealer


Granite is indeed a premium stone, and thus you need something premium to seal its shine, and the granite sealer by TriNova is the ideal one.

The powerful blend of polymers penetrates the pores of your stone surfaces to block out stains while safely providing a protective layer on top to prevent water spots.

The mechanism it comes with is also a great one, and you only need to give a little push to spray the solution and wipe it away. Even if you are using a different stone, you can still consider it.

  • Gives long-lasting results – Being a premium sealant, the granite sealer by TriNova offers a long-lasting solution and shows great results.
  • Advanced-Action Stain Protection – This spray uses a powerful blend of polymers to penetrate the stone’s naturally porous surface to block out stains from seeping in and becoming permanent.
  • TriNova’s Granite Sealer also provides a protective layer on top of the granite to prevent water spotting and to keep another residue from sticking.
  • Enhancing Formula for Gloss & Shine – It is considered to be an important one when the time comes to enhance surfaces for a natural look. It can also do wonders by protecting the granite against stains that develop between your bath tiles.


4. Tuff Duck Granite Sealer

Tuff Duck Granite Sealer


Defined with cutting edge, water-based fluoropolymer, the granite sealer is an exceptional one. With additional strength stain defender for permeable characteristic stone and grout.

Tuff Duck is an infiltrating sealer that leaves the common completion unaffected. It conveys the greatest insurance for normal stones and serves as a protection for the granite.

The sealer is also viable with marble, rock, limestone, record, terrazzo, travertine, sandstone, and different permeable stone surfaces as well.

  • Lasts longer – It assures to increase the longevity of your granite stone by building a protective layer for it.
  • Brings more shine – It doesn’t let your granite wear out with time, and instead imparts more shine to it after each wipe.
  • Increases longevity – Granites are costly, and by using this, you can expect it to last at least for more than a decade.


5. Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

Rock Doctor Granite Sealer


The rock and stone sealer enters profoundly and bonds with your regular stone surfaces. It gives dependable and normal looking assurance against stains, dampness, and different perils.

The Rock Doctor granite sealer provides a longer life for your granite, marble, or stones. It enters profoundly to bond with common stone and gives a dependable, characteristic looking boundary against dampness and different components.

  • Penetrates deeply – It penetrates deeper to bond with natural stone. And provides a long-lasting, natural barrier against moisture and other elements.
  • Water-based composition – With water-based composition, it is an excellent option to be used on grout.
  • Value for money – Though the cost is relatively higher, you can reap the value for every penny.



With that, we come to an end to our guide regarding the best granite sealer. The products we mentioned above will surely help you find a solution to the degrading condition of your granite stone. So, make your decision and avail the one that would suit your purpose and meet your requirements ideally.

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