Top 7 Best Benchtop Jointers

A benchtop jointer is beyond debate an essential tool to flatten the faces and square the edges of your woodwork. You will necessarily need the help of the best benchtop jointer to save your time especially if you are working on a piece of rough and oversized wood.

Best Benchtop Jointer

PRODUCTVOLTAGEDimensions (Inches) 
Festool 574432 Jointer120 Volts15.50 x 11.50 x 6.40
RIKON 20-600H 6 Jointer120 Volts30 x 17.5 x 13
Porter Cable PC160JT120 Volts32.1 x 12.4 x 11.2
Powermatic 179131K230 Volts66 x 24 x 37.5
JET 708457DXK Jointer230 Volts56 x 22 x 7.5
Craftman CMEW020 Jointer120 Volts32 x 12.5 x 11.5
Shop Fox W1860230 Volts25 x 76 x 41.5

If you are buying a benchtop jointer for the first time- you need to consider various factors such as its type, jointer size, cutter head, cutter depth, power component, and finally your budget before buying the right benchtop jointer for your work.

Here is a list of some the best benchtop jointer in the contemporary 2020 market.

1. Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500

Best Benchtop Jointer

This unique jointer from Festool comes with an advanced cutting method incorporated with cross stop and open-ended spanner WAF8. This can make flawless mortises on your every single cutting and is 100% rotation-proof.

The product comes with an adjustable mortise sizing and strong enough through a large glueing surface. The cutting mechanism prevents heating inside the tool so that you can use the jointer for an extended period of cutting.

Another useful feature included in the tool is the stop pins that allow you to index for aligning to join the panels.

  • Dust extractable design.
  • Routing height adjuster.
  • Pivoting fence for creating angled mortises.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Keeps the work atmosphere healthy clean due to no dust.
  • It comes with only 5MM cutter that is installed in the jointer.


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2. RIKON Power Tools Benchtop Jointer

RIKON Benchtop Jointer Review

This smart and compact benchtop jointer from RIKON is a 6-inch jointer and comes with a cutter head of 6 rows helical style. This best benchtop jointer has 12 HSS and two edge insert cutters.

The tool is made out of steel and has a flat surface that makes your cutting convenient and easier. The product comes with an advanced mechanism for faster depth setting along with a scale. Further, you can comfortably use its adjustable fence that tilts 45-inch to 90-inch.

Besides this, you can also feel extra safe due to its super safe on and off switch that is placed in front of the machine and comprised of an extra safety guard. With the 2.5-inch dust-port in the machine prevents your workspace from getting dusty and chocking like other machines.

  • It comes with a depth setting scale.
  • Aluminium table.
  • Spring-loaded safety guard.
  • It has 2 insert cutters.
  • Powerful motor with 10 AMP capacit.
  • The micro-adjuster in the fence adjustment causes difficulty sometimes.


3. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer

Porter Cable Benchtop Jointer

This product from PORTER-CABLE is the right and the best benchtop jointer in the 2020 market which comes with a variable speed range of six thousand to eleven thousand RPM. The speed of the cutter head of this machine is 12000 to 22000 CPM.

The tool comprises the of a 2-knife cutter head and with a knife levelling mechanism of jackscrew knife. You can safely replace the knife in the machine as it has a cutter head lock system. The size of the machine is 32.1 x 12.4 and 11.2 inches.

  • Large table enough for convenient cutting.
  • Centre-mounted fence.
  • Good for professional woodworker as well as DIY at home.
  • Adjustable speed range.
  • Good for fitting doors, cabinets, frames, chairs, tables, etc.
  • For DIY (non-professional) users changing the fence and setting may be difficult.


4. Powermatic 1791317K Jointer

Powermatic Benchtop Jointer

Yet another best benchtop jointer from the reputed Powermatic brand comes with a steel cabinet beneath to provide strength to the surface of the table.

You can have a strong foot, confident and comfortable cutting experience as the table stands 32 inches above the floor. The machine is comprised of one horsepower for one phase and runs with a 115/230-volt motor.

However, the motor is pre-wired for 115 volts. You can reset and convert it into 230 volts.

The machine incorporates 54 HH helical cutter head and features spiral rows for smooth and soundless function. The length of its fence system is 38 inches with a height of four inches that provides a unique cutting experience of your woodworks.

  • Belt tension adjustment through a specially mounted motor.
  • Faster adjustment lever on the infeed table.
  • Dust collection system at the bottom.
  • Large and strong ground-cast table made of iron.
  • Easy and accurate height change system.
  • No proper maintainence may cause rusting of iron parts.


5. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX Jointer

Best Benchtop Jointer Under Budget

The JET 708457DXK is one of the best benchtop jointers in the market from the JET brand. It has all features such as auto and quick-set knife system, long and strong cast-iron table, silky-smooth table surface and inbuilt 1/2-inch rabbeting ledges, etc.

The machine comes with front-mounted hand wheels or adjusting the height of the table easily and conveniently.

Eventually, the table measures 53-3/4 x 3- 3/8 inches. With this measurement of the table you can take-up a large project if you are a professional and in the case of DIY conveniently fit your doors, cabinets, and other large woodworks.

  • All- Steel base cabinet.
  • Integral tabs at cabinet bottom end.
  • Table surface 31-1/4 inches above the floor.
  • It consists of 3 high-quality knives.
  • Easy to operate especially for DIY.
  • No proper maintainence may cause rusting of iron parts.


6. CRAFTSMAN CMEW020 Benchtop Jointer

Best Benchtop Jointer under 500 dollars

This product from the CRAFTSMAN brand is very helpful for woodworks and the best benchtop jointer for DIY. This is popular among contemporary professional woodworkers as well as beginners and DIY hobbyists.

This could be a perfect jointer for you beginning from your gifts box making to table legs, chairs, cabinets and doors fitting etc. Nevertheless, this CRAFTSMAN CMEW020 is a heavy-duty jointer with 10-amp motor fit both for soft as well as hardwoods.

This is a portable jointer with a range of 6000 to 11000 RPM and 12000 to 22000 CPM. The jointer has a tow-knife cutter head, levelling arrangement through Jackscrew knife, cutter-head lock, knife adjustment and replacement etc.

  • Compact and portable design.
  • Good for flattening, edging, face-jointing.
  • Centre-mounted fence.
  • Heavy duty and light-weight of 40 Pounds.
  • The benchtop bed is not made from tough metal.
  • It’s not suitable for heavy work.


7. Shop Fox W1860 Benchtop Jointer

Best Benchtop Jointer for heavy works

The Shop Fox W1860 is one of the best benchtop jointers for edge jointing and ultra-precision face flattening because of its 8-inches Parallelogram jointer feature. The jointer is designed with extra-long infeed and outfeed as well as a transversely adjustable table.

The machine is made out of solid cast-iron that is fit for heavy-duty woodworks and is highly durable and reliable. The jointer has a 3 HP, 230V, Single Phase Motor with a cutter speed of 5500 RPM.

The Shop Fox W1860 is featured with 36 four-sided indexable carbide inserts that can be rotated, removed, and reinstalled. You can rotate it 90 degrees if the cutting edge becomes damaged or dull. Besides this, the jointer comes with a built-in mobile base for easy movement.

  • Pair of safety push blocks .
  • Built-in mobile base.
  • 2-years warranty.
  • Extra-long infeed and outfeed table.
  • Parallelogram table design.
  • Very costly.


Final Verdict

It is beyond debate that benchtop jointer or any other machines are not mandatory for your woodworks as you can do them with your expertise, skills, and basic tools.

But machines are inevitable because they save your time and energy, and time is money. Therefore, the appropriate and the best benchtop jointer is inevitable for you whether you are a professional or a DIY hobbyist.

The only concern is how best you choose the right jointer that serves your purpose perfectly and fulfils your expectations and requirements without any embarrassment.

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