Best 10 Air Purifiers For Pets in 2022

Hey pet owners, we know how much you love your pets and want the best of the best products for them. It should be the greatest of all when it comes to loved ones. In today’s world, we know that breathing contaminated and polluted air is quite harmful to one’s health. Due to the increase in pollution, we need to take extra precautions to help us breathe pure air. The same applies to our pets too. There are many cool products available today that can help our pets breathe pure and clean air.

In this article, we help you find the Best Air Purifiers For Pets, by listing the best-rated products that are available in the market today. You can read about and choose the best air purifier that is suitable for your lovely pet from the list below.


Best 10 Air Purifiers For Pets in 2022

1. Levoit Core P350 Pet Care Air Purifier

This air purifier and HEPA filter by Pet Care is great for those with pets and allergies. This air purifier uses an activated carbon filter to capture odor, large particles, and gases. It also has a pre-installed True HEPA 3-Stage Pet Allergy Filter that captures up to 99% of dust, pet dander, and pollen as small as 0.3 microns. It’s also completely quiet, so you can use it at night, and it even has a sleep mode. The air purifier also has a timer that can be set to 1, 3, or 6 hours. It also comes with the ability to plug it into a wall outlet or use it with a USB cord.

The Levoit Air Purifier for Pet With True HEPA 3-Stage Filter is designed to bring you clean, purified, and healthy air in your home. It combines the use of three different filters to provide a high-quality purification system for pet owners.

2. Honeywell InSight HPA5300 HEPA Air Purifier

The Honeywell HPA5300B HEPA Air Purifier is designed to cleanse the air in large rooms up to 500 square feet. It efficiently captures 99% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, smoke, pollen, and pet dander. The 4 cleaning levels allow you to customize your air purification needs based on your needs and the severity of the conditions in the room. This unit features an Energy Star rating making it energy efficient while providing you with fresher air in less time.

This air purifier is designed to accommodate large rooms. In those extra-large rooms of 500 square feet, the Honeywell HPA5300B can filter and circulate air up to 4.8 times an hour. It is great at removing odor and impurities and cleaning the air, so you breathe fresher air.

3. NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier

The NuWave OxyPure Large Area Smart Air Purifier is a Wi-Fi-enabled electronic air purifier. It can be controlled remotely using your smartphone, tablet, or computer with the free control app.


Wi-Fi, App Control, Ultra Quiet High-Performance Motor, 10 Stage Filter System that captures and eliminates smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, allergen, lead, formaldehyde, and gases.

This product is especially great in getting rid of the smell of cigarette smoke. 


4. GermGuardian Air Purifier

The GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System is the smart choice for keeping your indoor air clean, healthy, and free from harmful pollutants. This purifier combines a powerful three-stage filtration system with UV light technology to keep your home safe from airborne contaminants, including mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and allergens.

GermGuardian Air Purifier is a high-quality air purifier that is designed to be used in all rooms of your home, including the bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. It is an ideal solution for allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

The GermGuardian Air Purifier – destroys up to 99.97 percent of harmful germs and improves the air quality in your house with a UV light sanitizer. It is quiet and runs 24/7. It has a larger HEPA filter and a timer.

5. HATHASPACE Air Purifier

An air purifier is important to take care of the quality of the air we breathe. But, if you do not have a good air purifier, then even the smartest one in the world will not be able to help you.

Designed by NASA engineers, HATHASPACE Air Purifier is a high-end air purifier that can effectively clean the air around you. It comes with a True HEPA filter that replaces all the air inside your 700 sq ft home in just five minutes. This device was built on the same technology used by NASA to clean the heavy smoke from rocket engines. It is also an odor eliminator that can remove any kind of bad smell from your surroundings.

HATHASPACE air purifier can clean the air in spaces of up to 700 square feet and up to 4 rooms. It can remove 99.97% of allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, mold, bacteria, and more from the air. It is also effective in removing odors from pets, cooking, and smoking, leaving you with fresh and clean air.

HATHASPACE air purifier adopts the most advanced true HEPA filter set and is capable of replacing 100% of the air in a 700 sq ft space. It can effectively cleanse indoor air from household chemicals, cigarette smoke, mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. With the remote control function, you can operate it anywhere.

The HATHASPACE filter set absorbs the maximum amount of air impurities.

6. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

If you are sick of the smell of your pets and their hair, this product might be a good investment for you.

We know that not everyone will be equally interested in this. But for those of you who do, this is a very good air purifier for pet-related smells.

The unique TrueAir Air Purifier incorporates Permanent True HEPA filter technology plus 2 replaceable carbon zeolite filters which target pet odors plus a pre-filter for pet hair and larger particles. This combination allows TrueAir to effectively remove pet dander, hair, allergens, smoke, and other airborne particles from the air in your home.

This pet dander air purifier has 3 stages of filtration that capture 99.97 percent of particles as small as 3 microns from the air in an average room up to 390 square feet. It is a permanent HEPA filter and carbon filter that also works to reduce other kinds of pollutants like pollen, dust mites, mold, and mildew spores so you have clean, fresh air.

7. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

It is common to have a bad odor in your home especially if you have pets. As much as you clean, there is still that unpleasant smell that lingers in the rooms.

Now you don’t have to worry about it. Meet Winix a smart air purifier that automatically detects and cleanses bad odor by use of its own supercharged carbon filter alongside the washable AOC filter.

The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier is an innovative air purifier that does more than just clean the air from allergens and other pollutants, it also takes care of your home’s bad odor.

The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier is perfect for large areas. It features True HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants for cleaner air in large rooms. The washable AOC Carbon filter absorbs odors and reduces airborne allergens, while the PlasmaWave technology eliminates bacteria, viruses, and mold spores from the air. This air purifier has a sleek design and smart sensors for automatic operation. It also includes a remote control to allow you to easily change settings from anywhere in your room

8. AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier 

Air purifiers are great but they cannot ensure that they cleanse the air perfectly and accurately.

Now you can monitor the quality of your surrounding air with the help of an AirDoctor 3000. It is packed with 3-stage filtration that removes pollutants 100x smaller than the top standard of HEPA filters. It automatically monitors the air pollution, humidity, and temperature and adjusts accordingly to keep your indoor air pure and healthy.

Introducing the AirDoctor 3000 — a smart air purifier.

AIRDOCTOR 3000 is specially designed to provide the highest level of filtration for your home, office, and anywhere you want. This air purifier effectively removes 99% of dust and allergens from the air passing through its 3-stage filtration system that includes HEPA filters, Activated Carbon Filters, and VOC Filter. It also has a built-in Air Quality Sensor that automatically adjusts filtration based on the air quality inside your room so you can breathe clean air at all times.


9. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Air Purifier

Air purifiers may not be a popular gadget but they are a growing need.

The Alen BreatheSmart Classic is designed to provide the ultimate purification of your indoor environment. It removes more than 99.99% of airborne pollutants, including pollen, dust, and other allergens.

Let me ask you one question. Do you want to breathe healthy air? If yes, then you should own an air purifier.

Alen BreatheSmart Classic is a top-selling whole house air purifier that provides the highest level of HEPA filtration to ensure clean air and healthy living. BreatheSmart Classic is designed for large rooms up to 1100 square feet, like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and offices. The Air Quality Sensor Light glows blue when harmful pollutants are detected, alerting you that it’s time to change your filter. The unit has five-speed settings and oscillation for maximum coverage.

10. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Air Purifier

Introducing Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Air Purifier. This purifier can filter all the air in your room up to 625 sq ft. When you say goodbye to dust, smoke, odors, fumes, and other pollutants you will know that you are breathing clean air.

Say hello to Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0. With the combination of HEPA and charcoal filters, it can catch down to 0.3 microns of pollutants. It can also be controlled using your smartphone or tablet.

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Air Purifier is the best air purifier that removes 99.97% of PM 0.3 micron in size, and 99.97% of germs and dust mite allergens from the air you breathe in your home or office for healthier, fresher air. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 has an ultra-quiet BLDC motor with a lifetime warranty and is Energy Star certified so you can enjoy cleaner and purer air while saving energy too!


How do air purifiers work?

An air purifier is an electronic device that uses a HEPA filter, activated carbon, and/or UV light to remove impurities from the air. Air purifiers are designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. The size of the air purifier is usually dependent on the number of rooms or spaces it will be cleaning.

Do air purifiers reduce pet dander?

There are many ways to clean the air in your home. Some of them involve cleaning the air or dusting it. Others involve purifying the air by reducing the amount of dust or allergens in it. If you have a pet, you may wonder if an air purifier will help to reduce pet dander and the dust that it sheds in your home. The short answer is yes, but there are some caveats.

Do air purifiers remove dog or cat hair?

Air purifiers are not designed to be effective at removing pet hairs. They’re designed to remove bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mold, and allergens like pollen.

Do air purifiers help with pet smells?

Air purifiers are great in removing dust and other airborne particles from the air in your home. They also help to remove odors and gases that are harmful to your health, such as formaldehyde, benzene, and other chemicals. But can they help to eliminate smells from pets? Air purifiers can certainly help to reduce the smell of a pet.


We hope that you have got some answers to the best air purifiers of 2022 in this article. Get the most suitable air purifier for your lovely pet and help them live a healthy life. We need to take extra care of our pets because they are our best friends and they deserve the best.

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