Top 10 Best 50 Gallon Water Heaters

Is your current water heater working properly? Have your water heater usage reached its last stage? Or is there an issue of raising a family? Then the point is you need to update your water heater. No matter whatever your problem, these 50-gallon water heaters will solve your problems.

However, you need to place your requirements first regarding the size that will work for your family. 50-gallon water heaters are in high demand these days, especially for medium-sized families.

There are two main types of water heaters: gas water heaters and electric water heaters. Which is better for you? And which one suits your needs? To find out the best water heater for you, you need to know both heaters’ specifications, features, pros, and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

We have compiled a list of the best 50-gallon electric water heaters and the best 50-gallon gas water heaters. Read on to learn more.

5 Best 50-gallon Electric Water Heaters

Most 50-gallon Electric Water Heaters are made of high-end materials making them quite durable. The heaters we selected below feature new and advanced features that have anode rods with coatings of glass lining.

This helps the electric water heaters to last for a long time with their high-grade performance. These water heaters show effective results with water in the storage tank such that you can use the water whenever needed.

The storage tank of the water heater cools down when the heater is turned off. Since you might need to have a hot water supply always, you need to find out which are the best Electric Water Heaters that keep water hot for a long time even after the power supply is turned off.

1. Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater

Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater

We all use domestic water, but what do you do if the water is very cold? The primary problem there is that we need a lot of power to heat it up. This is the job of water heaters, whether they are gas or electric. The only job of water heaters is to provide an excellent power supply to heat water as required.

The Rheem Marathon Electric Water Heater is made from fiberglass which is highly resistant to rust. It has good strength of heating water because of the functional layers of filaments present around the tank. Due to its insulated body, this heater takes a lot of energy, which keeps water hot even after the electrical supply is switched off.

Thus there will be less energy consumption to reheat the water. This unit is energy-efficient and safe.

Why you should buy this?

  • Well insulated body with Polyurethane Environfoam
  • Low consumption of energy
  • Tough non-metallic exterior
  • Energy-efficient product and easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty on the tank


2. Westinghouse WER052C2X055N06 Electric Water Heater

Westinghouse WER052C2X055N06 Electric Water Heater


Are you searching for a sturdy and durable water heater that works for long years? The Westinghouse model is quite a reliable long-lasting device. It is the best electric water heater for a big family of five or more people. It has proved to be the ongoing and safest source of hot water for you.

This model is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel. It is a highly energy-efficient product with an energy factor of 0.95. Everything about the Westinghouse water heater screams efficiency. You can set the water temperature between 110 to 150 degrees according to your preference. However, it has functions to overheat the water to more than these temperatures.

Why you should buy this?

  • High-grade and efficient body material
  • High energy-efficient water heater
  • Sets a limit to control overheating of water
  • 6-years limited product warranty
  • Can work for more than five people in a house


3. A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater

A O Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater

The A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Water Heater has a simple design with excellent features. The main strength of this water heater is its durability. Its tank and other components work efficiently. It is the best water heater in terms of ease of use and maintenance. It provides two showers that run consistently.

An important feature of this unique water heater is the Dynaclean diffuser that is included in it. The diffuser does not allow sediments and lime to form a layer inside the water tank. The Dynaclean feature is perfect for those families that do not have the time to maintain the water heater. It also has a maximized flow of hot water.

The water heater tank of the A.O. Smith Water Heater has an anode rod that needs to be changed every six years. Insulation of the water heater is a primary requirement if you want your product to be energy efficient. This water heater comes with non-CFC foam that reduces energy consumption and keeps it to a minimum.

Why you should buy this?

  • Excellent non-CFC foam coated product
  • Comes with a limited 6-years warranty
  • Keeps storage tank protected from rust and corrosion
  • Dynaclean feature to keep tank cleaned for a long time
  • Is a highly durable and energy-efficient product


4. A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax Electric 50 Gallon Water Heater

AO Smith PNS-50 ProMax Short Electric 50 Gallon Water Heater

The A.O. Smith Electric Water Heater is easy to install with its compact size. It is durable and is the best model produced by the company that adds value to your money.

It comes with a proper installation manual guide to help you install it easily, so you can install it yourself without the need of an electrician or plumber. This water heater is quite affordable and has many attractive features such as a 5500-watt dual heating capacity. Its water tank is made of stainless steel, which means durability and no corrosion.

Hats off to the manufacturer for producing this environment-friendly product at such a cheap price. Talking about insulation, this water heater has non-CFC insulation with P.X. Cross-linked polymer diffuser tube. It is one of our best recommendations.

Why you should buy this?

  • Energy-efficient and budget-friendly item
  • Environment-friendly unit with value to money spent
  • Non-CFC insulation and stainless steel anode rod
  • Two heating elements of 5500 watt


5. Bradford White 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Bradford White 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Are you looking for an electric water heater for a small family? The Bradford water heater is a decent-looking compact-sized that is suitable for your small family. Its compact size makes it easy to install. This product works with a protective rod that is made up of a magnesium anode.

The rod does not allow the formation of limestone or any sediments. It is also quite energy-efficient, with an energy factor of only 0.96.

The Bradford water heater works efficiently even under a pressure of 150 PSI. This water heater is most suitable for people who live on the upper floors of high-rise buildings. It has proved to be the best choice for dwellers of upper apartments where water pressure is mostly low and where it is difficult to make hot water rise up.

Why you should buy this?

  • Highly energy-efficient product with 0.96 factors
  • A non-stimulated product
  • Magnesium rod to stop limestone formation
  • Compact size which means easy installation
  • Best for regular hot water requirement


5 Best 50-Gallons Gas Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters are in high demand these days because of their high efficiency and compact designs. These water heaters can meet needs to fulfill the requirement of hot water supply for families with four members and more adequately. The heaters are equipped with the best features to supply hot water for two bathrooms at the same time.

Isn’t it quite interesting to save precious time? These gas water heaters have high ratings for producing enough hot water in one hour and with the best recovery rates. There is a wide selection of gas heaters in the market today and choosing the best one for you might be hard. So here, we have compiled a list of our recommendations for the best gas water heaters with a state of the art technology and with awesome features. So read on to find out more.

6. A.O. Smith GPVL-50 ProMax Power Gas Water Heater

AO Smith GPVL-50 ProMax Power Vent Gas Water Heater

The A.O. Smith GVPL-50 ProMax Water Heater is highly in demand these days. It has been listed as the best unit for maximizing energy efficiency used for heating up water. In terms of ease of installation and use, this gas water heater is highly flexible.

In terms of energy factor, this is the best 50-gallon gas water heater that is available today. With only a 0.7 energy factor, the water heater is an energy-star qualified product and is eligible for local use and best-rebated programs.

This gas water heater can work for two bathrooms at one time and features a 40,000 BTU gas burner. It provides you with a first-hour rating of 90 gallons of water. The recovery rate, as featured in this gas water heater, is 44.7 gallons per hour. It might be used by medium-sized families.

Why you should buy this?

  • Can fulfill high demands for hot water
  • Can provide enough three hot water showers at one time use
  • Six years of limited warranty product
  • The best recovery rate of 44.7 gallons per hour
  • Easy to install and use with 3-position rotatable blower


7. Westinghouse WGR050NG076 50 Gallons Gas Water Heater

Westinghouse WGR050NG076 High-Efficiency 50 Gallons Gas Water Heater

Westinghouse has always been in the limelight to produce the best gas water heaters, and this model is no exception. The company has brought the best 50-gallon gas water heaters that are equipped with the latest technology trends. This model is one of the few Westinghouse models with a built-in tank that uses condensation technology.

The strongest feature of this efficient model is its unique design that makes use of a spiral heat exchanger. The heat exchanger allows Westinghouse to produce 97% energy-efficient hot water with superior quality. It has a high energy star rating and is eligible for energy rebates.

Another feature that makes this water heater quite popular is its stainless steel body that is resistant to corrosion and rust. This water heater does not require much maintenance because it does not have anode rods.

Search no more. With this innovative Westinghouse water heater rest assured that you have got the best.

Why you should buy this?

  • Ultra-high energy-efficient product
  • Stainless steel water storage tank
  • Corrosion and rust-free water heater
  • Uses advanced equipment with an LCD
  • Versatile unit for residential use


8. A.O. Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus Gas Water Heater

AO Smith XCR-50 ProMax Plus High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

Pick up one of the best 50-gallon Gas water heaters for your home from A.O. Smith. The advantageous high-end factor for this water heater is its blue glass coating, which is quite delicate and keeps your water tank corrosion-free always.

The gas water heater functions with a self-powered gas valve. The self-powered valve is only available with this model of A.O. Smith, which makes it unique. The valve has a thermopile for power generation and does not need any external power supply to function.

The best feature of this product is its safety feature. This gas water heater is extra reliable to use and has a Dynaclean diffuser that does not let limestone form in the tank. It completely meets the requirements stated by NAECA for current regulations.

Why you should buy this?

  • Energy factor is 0.94
  • Meet all current regulations as stated by NAECA
  • Does not consume much gas to power up
  • Includes all safety features
  • The delicate blue coating which makes water tank rust-free


9. A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMax Plus High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater

AO Smith GCR-40 ProMax Plus High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

The most important feature about this A.O. Smith model is that it is made of anti-corrosive material. The diamond glass coating cannot be found in any other product. Another feature that makes this product outstanding is the PEX polymer.

These two features ensure a good working quality more efficiently. Also, these features allow water to stay heated in the water tank for long hours, even if you are not using it.

It is one of the best 50-gallon gas water heaters to meet most requirements. A.O. Smith has always been popular in offering the most durable products that last for long years. It is an environment-friendly water heater as it consumes less energy to meet high hot water demands.

Why you should buy this?

  • The self-power mechanism to work on less power consumption
  • Keeps water heated in the tank for a long time
  • The energy-efficient factor is 0.94
  • Includes one internal microprocessor
  • A highly energy-efficient and durable item


10. Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

Bradford White 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

Bradford was first established in 1881. To date, this has been one of the most popular gas water heater producer companies.

The Bradford Natural Gas Water Heater is an innovative leading unit that can be used both for industrial and commercial use in addition to residential use of course.

The Bradford heater is a quality product that offers an innovative and unique design and incorporates advanced technology to operate. This smart technological advancement in the water heater industry has proved to be the safest and most reliable heater in the market.

One of the most important features that make this water heater popular is its 40,000 BTU input that can produce up to 89 gallons of water in one hour. This model’s LED screen display with its ten different indicators is a cool feature too.

The Bradford water heater has a flashlight. Its stainless steel water tank body does not let it corrode nor rust.

Why you should buy this?

  • An eco-friendly insulated body that makes it energy efficient
  • Best for commercial, residential, and industrial use
  • Includes a flashing light to indicate the working of a pilot light
  • 90 degrees recovery rise in 43 minutes
  • Its water tank is rust and corrosion free



After a lot of deep research and analysis, we have presented you with the top 10 water heaters that are 50-gallons size. Now, it’s time for you to decide which one is most suitable for you. It depends on what type of water heater do you need- Electric or Gas. Rheem MR50245 Marathon is the best electric water heater while A.O. Smith GPVL-50 ProMax is the winner in the gas water heater.

Don’t forget to share your feedback and review after purchasing.

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