Bertazzoni Induction Range Review- Worth it or Not?

Are you looking for an extensive update on your kitchen appliances? Do you want to simplify your cooking efforts and save time for other works?

Well, an efficient induction range can be a good answer to your problems. But you should go with the manufacturers with a good reputation in the market to get the best range. One such product is the Bertazzoni induction range.

But before concluding it, let’s dig deeper into the product and all essential aspects of range to conclude whether it can meet your expectations or not. I’m sharing the Bertazzoni Induction Range review that helps you in making a purchase decision.

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Why Bertazzoni Induction Range?

Bertazzoni Induction Range Review

With an intriguing design and well-engineered build, the Bertazzoni range is undoubtedly the second best-looking range after BOSCH. The manufacturers in Italy have ensured a well-engineered kitchen companion that can deliver a trustworthy cooking experience range.

You can get all your work done with its reliable features and efficient performance, although it lacks a few features that are in the Bosch Induction range thus making BOSCH HII8055U Induction Range the most preferable option in the market right now. But, companies like Bertazzoni are slowly making their way towards the competition with competing performance in a few aspects.

It can surely be the second option after BOSCH if you can compromise in a tiny bit of tweaks. Keeping those tweaks and unmatched efficiency levels of BOSCH apart, Betzarroni can meet your requirements to a great extent for sure.

More About Bertazzoni Ranges: Brand Review

That being said, let’s dive into the aspects that make the Bertazzoni Electric induction range enlisted in the best options in ranges. Going through these aspects will also clarify how it is holding the competition in the market.

Bertazzoni delivers reliable performance by these highlighting features that are infused in this range-

  • Fast and precise temperature regulation.
  • Digital controls for accurate temperature adjustments.
  • 4 heating zones that can be used simultaneously for different cooking purposes like baking and roasting at a time.
  • Even heat distribution with the dual convection fans.
  • Power bridge zone to suit the size of the cookware.
  • Largest oven volume and full-width gas infrared broiler.


Let’s face this, the features of this range surely looks compelling. But, we can’t judge the product without making a proper comparison. Thus, we need to consider some essential aspects of the Bertazzoni Induction Range.

Additionally, some features complement the value of the products. These considerable features are what make a product standalone, among others, and make the selection easy. Some of such considerable factors include price, performance, and customer support of the brand.

We shall discuss such essential features of the Bertazzoni Range in this section. Later on, we can compare them with others and even the leading unmatched manufacturers like BOSCH to complete our quest for the best induction range.

1. Performance

Every buyer wants their investment on an Induction range should be worthy enough. Thus long-lasting performance is surely expected from the range from every perspective. One of the top reasons due to which the BOSCH induction range is still leading the market is its long-lasting performance.

Well, Bertazzoni is also on the same path with its well-engineered build.

The Bertazzoni Induction Range excels in the temperature regulation department with precise controls and temperature gauge monitors as well. Although the time taken to reach the required heat level is not as fast as BOSCH, the digital monitor makes its way out with precise information.

2. Pricing

Bertazzoni induction range ranges around $4000-$4500, which can be quite expensive for most households. But BOSCH surpasses this model by far with superior performance and some incredible tweaks.

This Induction Range would have indeed matched the legacy of BOSCH with less price range.

3. Post-sale Service

Post-sale service includes installation and warranty by the manufacturers. Well, Bertazzoni is quite compatible with BOSCH in the warranty period with two straight years of manufacturer warranty.

This reflects the trust of the manufacturers on their products. Besides, the use of 99% recyclable packaging products and easy to use features makes it a fair competitor of the market-leading BOSCH induction ranges.

Approaching the service centre can be a problem in the given 2 years, but the soft motion doors, edge to edge interior build, shouldn’t be a matter of worry any soon.

4. Customer Support

Customer support is surely one of the aspects that can bother the buyers a bit. Placed in Italy, the manufacturers provide a good 2 years of warranty, but access to customer support in the global market is not as easy as the reputed BOSCH products.

You should think twice before shifting anywhere else globally with this induction range. In that case, BOSCH induction range is recommended because of it’s global support and service.

Bertazzoni PROF304INMXE  V/s BOSCH HII8055U Induction Range

Bertazzoni Vs Bosch Induction Ranges

By now, you must have cornered your mindset about Bertazzoni, but there is a lot more to it. What if we make a direct comparison of the Bertazzoni Induction range with the industry-leading BOSCH HII8-055U induction range? It will surely conclude your decision to its clear and finest end.

So, let’s see how the Bertazzoni PROF304INMXE competes with the industry-leading performer and how it sustains the top end features with its intriguing ones. Let’s dive into it.

1. Brand Value

You must have understood by now that BOSCH HII8055U Range is one of the most renowned brands that have an unmatched reputation. The manufacturers got all positive feedback for the best range.

But Bertazzoni is not a bad product by any means as it has its brand value with certain targeted customers preferring hi-tech features.

2. Features & Performance

BOSCH is equipped with the best in class cooktops along with the oven. It comes with 4 cooktops that can be regulated with feasible controls and user-friendly displays to monitor.

Bertazzoni comes with 4 heat zones armoured with Japanese technology that makes it an ideal performer in the kitchen. But, features like warming drawer and self-cleaning are sorely absent in this induction range.

3. Pricing

Both Bertazzoni and BOSCH ranges are the flagship ranges that are designed to enhance the convenience level of classic lifestyle. However, the reliable features of BOSCH justify the price range when accompanied by the long-lasting performance as well.

But, the fact that the features and performance are relatively downgraded makes it feel costly. So, if budget is not an issue, you can opt Bertazzoni.

4. Post-sale Service

If we are talking about the warranty period and customer service after buying the product, both the products are decent. Bertazzoni offers 2 straight years of manufacturer warranty with limited service centres globally.

Meanwhile, BOSCH is renowned for delivering the best customer services with many service centres and skilled staff.

5. Customer Support

BOSCH manufacturers try their best to maintain the reputation they have to build for several years, which is why their customer services are highly reliable. Consequently, you can approach customer support faster than ever.

On the other hand, Bertazzoni has limited resources to help its customers in the global market because it is an Italy-based company.

Final Verdict

Bertazzoni range can merge with any interior designs at ease and can provide the same long term performance as the manufacturers claimed.

The insane power output of 3700 watts is also fair enough but being on the pricey side and lacking the tweaks present in BOSCH makes it less preferable in my viewpoint.

But still, the conclusion can vary from your requirements if you can accept compromises from some renowned essential aspects.

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